10 PRINT: “Hello world!”

Behold, Basic Barbell, home of Strength Training for Normal Humans has quietly launched.

At the time of writing, the site is in beta (like gmail was for five years) and is a collection of (as yet incomplete) thoughts I have gathered over the past few thousand life-ages of man. There is no training template to download and work through, no store to purchase items you don’t need and no way to hire me to shout at you every time you slouch at work. These features and more will come to you in time.

The idea behind basic barbell, in case you have thus far been too distracted to read any more than a few sentences, is to create a site that addresses the absolute minimum effective dose in terms of training. It will not, by design, build top tier athletes with the view to a podium shot. It will not include a macronutrient calculator designed to reduce your overall mass and suggest this is a valid performance indicator. It will not feature pictures of men or women who are purportedly “fit” based on the appearance of their cosmetic enhancements, starvation protocols, good lighting or the application of potent anabolics. Nor will it hook in to any of the currently trending fitspiration memes to appear relevant.

You Can’t Market Health

Remember that. It’s the aim of Basic Barbell to point you in the direction of autonomy. It will be here to guide and assist if required, but it’s provision of  knowledge instead of bullshit will be the real key to your successful avoidance of misinformation, disinformation and marketing. There are no magic bullets, potions, or short term dietary interventions that will turn you superhuman. That shit only happens in magazine ads and the testimony of liars. Basic Barbell will sing the praise of dietary troubleshooting, companies who produce quality supplements or gear from time-to-time, but you will never be told they are a panacea for the ills we suffer in the sophisticated and desperately unwell developed world.

Gateway Training

Let’s face facts. People who don’t train have no idea where to start. We’re glued to electronic devices, hunched over desks, stuck inside as the sun shines, becoming more frail day by day, generation by generation and magazines and media are telling us we must be jacked (as guys) or tiny (as women) and ALWAYS have visible abs. We’re either spindly or tubby, but always squashy and mostly sad about what the scale or the mirror or both say. This place will be a gateway to taking you in whatever direction you want, by teaching you how to eat, sleep and train like a grown adult which in turn will guarantee in the fullness of time, low scale weight or the concept of visible abs will be a source of embarrassing memories about the stupidity of using this above others as markers of health.