The year is 2016: IT IS THE FUTURE.

In an era of fitspiration memes, biohacking and wearable technology, where society suggests going hard or going home, sleeping when you’re dead(?), and the existence of doughnuts capable of enhancing physique while producing greater strength gains – Basic Barbell stands up against the tide of disinformation and misinformation in an attempt to explain that literally standing up under increasing loads over time is more important than how many points are earned / blocks consumed or steps are taken.

Begin Strength Training for Normal Humans. Find out how to strip away futile endeavour and replace it with a minimalistic approach to getting strong* to stay healthy**

What is Strength?


“Strength is the product of muscular action initiated and orchestrated by electrical processes in the nervous system of the body.”

-Yuri Verkoshansky

This statement pulls us away from the simplistic and aesthetic driven malaise we are oft fed by popular culture and the media. Strength has nothing to do with the appearance of abdominal muscles, vascularity or overall mass – they are as useful a measure of strength or health as are the BMI an indicator of ill-health: a face-value guess at best. If we look at Verkoshansky’s statement, we can see strength is the result of our brain successfully informing parts of our body to shift itself, or an object through space. This force production has influence on, and is influenced by:

  • the musculoskeletal system
  • the nervous system
  • the endocrine system

Essentially, that means everything humans are made of. Training these systems will makes change at the cellular level, which is the real-life version of Steve Rogers stepping into a machine and coming out Captain America.

What Is Strength Training?

In its simplest form, all you need is something heavy and time. Move the heavy thing through space, recruiting the most muscles you can. Do that and you will become strong.

It is an essential part of a life for we who otherwise spend it without significant physical exertion and in a hunched or seated or hunched and seated or hunched and seated and squinting at a screen or hunched and seated and squinting at a screen at 3 in the morning.

It is a jumping off point for reclaiming and enhancing health, or a gateway thereafter to pursue whatever other form of training or exercise sounds like it could be not only possible, but fun or even challenging.

What Isn’t Strength Training?

It’s not watching yourself in a mirror as you rep out isolation exercises. It’s not yo-yo dieting and calling it “bulking” and “cutting”. It’s not attempting a high volume of repetitions of anything. It’s not training till you puke. It’s not a “mass gain protocol”. It’s not bad for your knees. It’s not going to get you “too bulky” because “you put muscle on really fast”. It’s not going to hurt your back. It’s not going to shrink or increase the size of your reproductive organs. It’s not going to teach you anything about yourself unless you get under a barbell and do the work.


*barbells not included
**no wearable syncing or tracking devices required.