Is Basic Barbell?

Z SquattingThe work of J. Craig Zielinski, known simply as “Z” by most. A long time computer technician, who gave it all up in the blink of an eye to pursue his goal of helping to troubleshoot the movement patterns, stress, sleep and overall health problems men and women present him with.

He has a long list of strength and conditioning certifications, coupled with a real understanding of what it’s like to try to work a 40+ hour week and training effectively at the same time. Basic Barbell is the distillation of his knowledge and experience in one location. He is also entirely incapable of bullshit. Tread softly.

Is This For?

Good question. Can you guess the answer? Normal Humans. In case it’s not obvious, it means not recreationally or professionally competitive sports people. Nor does this cover modifications in movement prescription for those who have to work around some form of physical impairment. This does not suggest that the aforementioned populations are either sub or super normal. These populations merely require greater specificity, which can be found in the custom programming section.

It’s for office dwellers, gamers, coders and tattooists. People who grew up with books and Lego instead of playing competitive sports with mouthy kids and their overbearing “there is no second place” / “failure is not an option” parents and coaches. It’s for people who work long hours under stark light for crappy pay. It’s for people who know something might be wrong, but would like to know exactly what and exactly how to address it.